Tuition Requirements

Tuition Requirements at Bridges Academy in El Paso, TX


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Tuition and Fees for Full-/Part-Time Enrollment

Tuition and Fees Full-Time Students:


Tuition and Fees Full Time Students
2021-2022 School Year


Total Family Income Information Required to assess tuition:

  • Tuition: $15,400 No fundraising
  • Enrollment: $450
  • Late Fees: $50
  • Complete income information: 1040’s, W-2’s, and all schedules
  • Mexican Annual Income Report (if from Mexico)
  • Copy of SSI check
  • Other fees may occur based on your child’s needs

Tuition for Family with 2 or more children:

  • Tuition: $6,200 for each additional child
  • Enrollment: $450 for each additional child

Tuition Assistance Eligibility:

  • Based on funds availability
  • All parents must volunteer 20 hours per year to qualify for assistance
  • All parents must fulfill fundraising commitments per year
  • All parents must meet financial guidelines
  • Complete tuition assistance form
  • All forms and documents turned and are up-to-date
  • No outstanding tuition, fees from previous year
  • Returning students must have good attendance, few tardies, exhibit good behavior, motivation and academic effort.

Grant Application will not be considered if any of the eligibility requirements are not met.

Fundraisers: Per family

  • 2 raffles @ $500 each
  • Family participation in the Braden Aboud Walk/Run in the Spring

Tuition is an income tax deduction under Revenue Ruling 78-340, 1978-2C.B. 124 of the IRS code. Attending physician must recommend that your child attend Bridges Academy. Always consult with your tax consultant to see how this would affect your tax return.

Tuition and Fees for Part-Time Students:


Tuition and Fees Part-Time Students
2021-2022 School Year


  • $6400
  • 3-4 classes/subjects
  • Classes: Math, Reading and Written Expression; option for additional class

Registration/Testing Fees

  • $450

Fundraising Fees:

  • 2 mandatory fundraisers
  • 1st Dallas Cowboy Fun Trip: $300
  • 2nd Disneyland Vacation Trip: $300

Late Fees:

  • $50


  • Student will be individually placed for math, reading and written language according to test results.
  • Individual education plan will be created for each student.
  • Good Attendance and prompt drop-off/pick-up are mandatory.
  • Grading periods/report cards every 9 weeks
  • Homeschooled Students: Parents must make arrangements with homeschool agency for credits


  • An appointment must be made with director
    Signed contract
  • Submission of all enrollment forms and records
  • 10 volunteer hours (5 for each semester)
  • Bridges Uniform required

Tuition is an income tax deduction under Revenue Ruling 78-340, 1978-2C.B.124 of the IRS code. Your child’s attending physician must recommend that your child needs to Bridges Academy for specialized curriculum.

Bridges Academy is accredited by Texas Association of Accredited Private Schools, grades 1st-9th, is coeducational, and accepts student regardless of race, faith, sex/gender, social economic status or national origin.

Bridges Academy 

is accredited by the Texas Association of Accredited Private Schools for grades first through ninth, is coeducational, and accepts students regardless of race, faith, sex/gender, social-economic status, or national origin. 

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Parents and Guardians:
Please remember that we are here to help in any way we can so that our children can get the proper education and skills that they need. We will listen to any financial concerns. Do not hesitate to reach out to me or my staff at any time. God bless.

Irma Keys, Director